Get ComfortableOur Process

Along every step of the way, it is our goal to provide a transparent, and well-defined process. We're on this journey together, and together we'll go far.


Send a funding request

We believe in human-interaction and ongoing relationships, and it's important to us that we get to know you. After you send a funding request, we start our journey together with a discovery call to discuss your deal.

Once we've gotten to know eachother, and discussed your deal, our team will go the drawing board to draft up a strategy for your needs.


Strategy & Design

Once we know the details of your deal, we work quickly to evaluate your needs, and provide a solution.


Lift Off

At this point, we'll provide a funding agreement, wire funds, and you can get to work.



Once we close on a project, we want to continue to support your capital needs.

We're here to share what we've learned, and proivde the capital, and confidence to continue doing deals again, and again.

What's Next?

We feel we wouldn't be standing true to our core values if we didn't leave you with a parting action step, so here they are:
  1. Make a decision on if we're right for you
  2. Take action, and schedule a call